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The American President NFT – TAP45 Whitepaper


The American President NFT – TAP45 is a groundbreaking art collection on the Polygon blockchain that merges historical satire with steampunk aesthetics. Featuring 8,888 unique NFTs of famous American presidents, this project offers exclusive merchandise, profit-sharing opportunities, and a $20,000 Bitcoin giveaway. This whitepaper details the project’s vision, market potential, technical architecture, and roadmap, aiming to provide a comprehensive overview of this innovative venture.



In the ever-evolving world of NFTs, The American President NFT – TAP45 stands out by combining artistic innovation with historical satire. This project reimagines American presidents in a parallel universe where they navigate steampunk challenges and global conspiracies. By offering a unique blend of art and storytelling, the project aims to captivate both history enthusiasts and art collectors.


The primary goal of TAP45 is to provide a distinctive NFT experience that offers both aesthetic value and financial benefits. By integrating a profit-sharing model through a linked merchandise store and incentivizing community engagement with a substantial Bitcoin giveaway, TAP45 sets a new standard for NFT projects.

Market Analysis

Current Landscape

The NFT market has witnessed explosive growth, with themed collections and unique art pieces gaining significant traction. TAP45 leverages this trend by offering a collection that not only appeals to collectors but also provides tangible benefits through merchandise and giveaways.

Competitive Analysis

While many NFT projects focus on contemporary art or digital collectibles, TAP45 differentiates itself with its historical satire and steampunk theme. This niche approach, combined with profit-sharing and community incentives, positions TAP45 as a unique and compelling offering in the crowded NFT market.

Project Overview


Set in a parallel universe, The American President NFT – TAP45 narrates the epic journey of American presidents who, through steampunk nanotechnology, are immortalized and tasked with combating global conspiracies and cosmic visitors. This narrative adds depth to each NFT, making them not just collectible items but pieces of a larger story.


  • Unique Art: Each of the 8,888 NFTs features a distinct representation of an American president in a steampunk setting.
  • Merchandise Store: NFT owners have access to a personalized merchandise store, earning 50% of profits from sales featuring their NFT art.
  • Bitcoin Giveaway: A $20,000 Bitcoin giveaway to incentivize community participation and reward early adopters.

Technical Architecture

Blockchain Platform

TAP45 is built on the Polygon blockchain, chosen for its low transaction fees and eco-friendly attributes. This ensures that transactions are cost-effective and environmentally sustainable.

Smart Contracts

Smart contracts govern the issuance and distribution of NFTs and merchandise profit-sharing. These contracts are designed to be transparent and secure, providing assurance to all participants.

Security Measures

Robust security protocols are in place to protect user data and assets. Regular audits and updates ensure the system remains secure against potential threats.


NFT Supply

The collection consists of 8,888 NFTs, categorized as follows:
  • 8,000 Most Popular American Presidents
  • 800 Other Popular American Presidents
  • 70 Allies & Foes
  • 18 “The Visitor”


  • Presale: $39 per NFT
  • Public Sale: $59 per NFT


NFTs grant access to the personalized merchandise store, where owners earn 50% of the profits from sales of products featuring their NFT art. Additionally, visitors and NFT holders can participate in the $20,000 Bitcoin giveaway.


Completed Milestones

  • Concept Development: August 2023
  • NFT Art Creation: September – November 2023
  • Crypto Giveaway Development: December 2023
  • Public Launch: April 2024
  • Collection Press Release: June 2024

Upcoming Milestones

  • VIP Discount Presale
  • Public NFT Sale
  • Mystery Trait Reveal
  • Merchandise Store Launch: Upon 20% of NFTs sold
  • Crypto Giveaway Winners Announcements: At 20%, 40%, and 60% of NFTs sold
  • Special Collector Bonus Art
  • Early Supporters Airdrop


The project is spearheaded by a diverse team of experienced artists, blockchain developers, and marketing experts. Their combined expertise ensures the highest quality of art and a secure, user-friendly platform for NFT enthusiasts.

Community and Governance

Community Engagement

Active participation is encouraged through social media channels, giveaways, and exclusive member areas for NFT holders. The community is integral to the project’s success, with regular updates and interactive events planned to keep members engaged.


The governance model allows for community feedback to shape future developments. Major decisions are made transparently, ensuring that the interests of the community are always prioritized.

Legal and Compliance

Legal Considerations

As a satirical artistic expression, TAP45 does not endorse any political figures or parties. All legal disclaimers are adhered to, ensuring compliance with relevant regulations and providing a transparent platform for users.

Risk Factors

Potential risks include market volatility and regulatory changes. The team is committed to mitigating these risks through proactive measures and continuous monitoring.


The American President NFT – TAP45 offers a unique blend of historical satire, artistic innovation, and financial incentives. By merging these elements, TAP45 provides a compelling experience for collectors and investors alike. Join us in this epic journey and become a part of history.

Contact Information

For more information, visit The American President NFT – TAP45 or follow us on social media.

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