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Arcadonia Inc. Unveils “The American President – TAP45 NFT Collection” Celebrating Presidential Strength & Patriotism

4/17/24 – Arcadonia Inc., a veteran in digital content marketing and crypto technologies, is thrilled to announce the launch of “The American President – TAP45 NFT Collection,” a unique series of hyper-realistic PFP NFTs showcasing famous American presidents in a steampunk-inspired parallel universe, with special focus on the popular 45th president and a touch of satire.

Captivating Patriotic Art with a Unique Twist

The collection, featuring 8,888 unique NFTs, captures the essence of presidential grandeur through a blend of steampunk aesthetics and classic American patriotism. The NFTs portray presidents in heroic stances, adorned in striking steampunk attire against backdrops of iconic American symbols like the Statue of Liberty, Mount Rushmore, presidential seals and much more. The collection even includes a few enigmatic figures related to the story. The regal style, coupled with bold American themes, makes this collection a groundbreaking addition to the world of digital art and a collector’s must-have.

Exclusive Ownership Perks

NFT collectors and enthusiasts will be drawn not only to the art’s quality but also to the unique ownership benefits. Each NFT owner can receive a 50% profit share from merchandise sales featuring their NFT, with a range of products like T-shirts, garden flags, and wall art, available through their own automated online store, which the NFT owner can promote on social media.

Presidential Election Drama

With the upcoming presidential election, the collection serves as a powerful medium for expression, offering a unique way for supporters to showcase their patriotic passion through unique merchandise.

Strategic Release and Community Engagement

The collection will be available through a carefully planned presale and public sale. To further engage the community, the collection is initiating a 3-phase giveaway, with substantial crypto prizes at collection sales milestones. This strategy fosters community participation and incentivizes sharing and promotion of the collection.

Environmental Tech Innovation

Embracing the latest digital design and blockchain technologies, the collection is minted on the Polygon blockchain, chosen for its low gas fees, ensuring a more accessible and environmentally friendly NFT experience.

Invitation to Participate

We invite NFT collectors, digital art enthusiasts, patriots, and anyone captivated by presidential themes and American valor to join us in this unique digital art project. Be a part of American history by owning a piece of this exclusive collection.

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This collection is a work of art set in a fictional parallel universe and is not affiliated with or endorsed by any real-world entities, political party or candidate. All characters and events are fictional.


The American President NFT Collection TAP45

Disclaimer: Since the art collection theme, names, characters, and quotes featured in this collection are from a far far away parallel universe, any similarities with persons in this universe are purely coincidental and fictional satire. No identification with earthly persons (living or deceased), places, events, and products are intended or should be inferred, nor is the art collection direct or indirectly affiliated or sponsored by Donald Trump or his business entities. The collection is an artistic expression of non-political satire for entertainment purpose only and does not intent to endorse or support any political party or personality.

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